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The Human Spirit website has evolved as a response to the ceaseless bombardment of media reporting death, misery, and the worst of human suffering. As a counter-point, there are numerous stories of the undying human spirit, which overcomes adversity and nurtures a more positive and creative approach to living. We believe these stories should be celebrated, as a way of illuminating the power of hope and imagination within all of us.

Robert Brodey’s cover story on running the Dolomites

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Robert J. Brodey is a Canadian freelance writer and photographer.

He has been published in numerous national and international publications, including the Houston Chronicle, Globe and Mail, Travel Week, This Magazine, Tico Times, Photo Digest,  and the British fiction series, Raconteur. He is also a Contributing Editor at Outpost Magazine. He is a proud member of PEN Canada, which is committed to defending the freedom of opinion and its peaceful expression.

To view Robert J. Brodey’s photography and writing portfolio, please visit His unpublished travel writing can be viewed at

His latest project, Daddy-on-the-Move, is a blog dedicated to being a good parent and still getting creative stuff done. You can follow him on twitter @RobertBrodey.

Updated May 2019: check out his latest feature in Outpost Magazine on his run-hike through the magnificent Dolomiti mountains in northern Italy.

Update October 2017: Along with a dedicated group of Torontonians, Robert has begun a sponsorship group to assist resettling a Syrian family in Canada. Check out The Marhaba Committee.

Update June 2015: Robert’s first novel, a political thriller called  Josef’s Lair,  is now available in paperback at Amazon and as an ebook at Indigo. You can download the first three chapters for free (epub, mobi, etc.) following this link to Smashwords.

Fall 2014: In the summer, Robert jogged/walked the 170 kilometre Tour du Mont Blanc, a 5 day alpine adventure with over 10,000 metres of climbs and descents. Watch the video here. You can also read about this 5 day adventure in his 14 page feature in Outpost Magazine (Issue 102, Fall 2014).